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Japan Goes Gaga for Taiwanese College Student Lala



It’s nearly impossible to predict what the next big Internet craze will be, though pretty women and cat memes are generally good bets. In a common case of the former, Japanese bloggers have recently latched on to images of Lala, a fashion-forward college student from Taiwan. “She’s just too cute!” Net users cry as they post picture after picture of this refreshing beauty. However, while Japanese reports introduce her as a 17-year-old sweetheart, Chinese news sources inform us that she’s actually 19 years of age. Could it be that her cute factor is all a result of little misconceptions?!

Lala’s full profile tells us that she’s five feet, four inches tall. She weighs in at 83.8 pounds and is blood type O. The pictures that spurred Lala’s online fame mainly feature her in the high school uniform of one of Taipei’s privately-owned primary schools. The uniform’s white blouse creates such beautiful contrast with the navy sweater that’s clearly emblazoned with the school’s emblem. How adorable! And young-seeming!

In actuality, Lala has been working as a model for the major communications company, Chungwa Telecom, and many of the pictures that we see of her were actually shot on location at her work. For years Lala has put great effort into creating and managing her own personal fan club. Letting her fans know where she is and what she’s doing via pictures and videos helps her to feel more connected. She’s already amassed more than 2,000 fan followers! We wonder how many of those are Japanese and how many of them will abandon their obsession once they realize that she’s not actually an underage high school girl…

Source: ETtoday (Chinese) via LivedoorNews
Pictures: Pokkakitto

This is the cutie that’s won over the hearts of so many Japanese people.

For fans with a hot nerd fetish, try the glasses version!

Playing dead won’t necessarily stop the advance of your stalkers, but if the they think you’re sleeping, they might pause and “Awwww” for a moment.

Which is sweeter: Lala or the cake?

Putting the school uniform aside, here’s Lala in a more casual supermodel pose.

Not sure what she’s doing in a bathroom, since everyone knows that famous people don’t poop…

Here she looks like she’s getting ready to flash someone. I would have liked to have seen the picture following!

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Origin: Japan Goes Gaga for Taiwanese College Student Lala
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Netizens fall in love with Miss Hong Kong 2013 contenders, praise them for looking like normal women


Every year the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant is held and 2013 is no exception. It’s a high stakes affair with the winner moving on to the Miss World pageant, so naturally beautiful women from all over Hong Kong are looking to enter.

Around 2,000 women applied to enter Miss Hong Kong 2013. From these, 129 were selected after reviewing the applications and moved on to the first stage of interviews. Following these interviews photos of the contestants were published and released on the internet. Ever since, net users in Hong Kong have been enchanted by the looks and spirits of these women.

The topic of Miss Hong Kong 2013 has gone viral in the country with a largely positive reaction to these women. More than simply saying they were beautiful, commenters were taken by their naturalness saying, “This is way better than every woman having the same face,” and, “It looks like no plastic surgery here!”

Moreover, these women who look like regular women seemed to have exuded personality that netizens were picking up on with comments such as, “These women have self-confidence and that’s beautiful,” and, “They just seem like nice people.”

They could be on to something too. Reports indicate that this year’s Miss Hong Kong has seen an increase in graduate students among which a few hold PhDs. The age range of contestants moving through the first interview also range widely from 19 to 27.

From this point the women will have to proceed through the second interview, swimsuit shoot, and semi-final pageant to select the 18 women who will take part in the finals which will be held on 1 September.

Will one of the internet’s favorite women earn the crown? Will these women all end up looking exactly the same after getting heavily made-up as we saw in South Korea earlier this year? The answer to these questions and more will be revealed in September!

Source: ET Today, Miss Hong Kong Official Site (Chinese)

Here are some of the candidates that captured hearts on the internet.




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Origin: Netizens fall in love with Miss Hong Kong 2013 contenders, praise them for looking like normal women
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Korean woman looks 30 years younger than actual age, may have discovered Fountain of Youth



Contrary to popular belief, Asian women don’t all look 20 then suddenly transform into adorable old ladies when they turn 60.

With that in mind, care to take a stab at how old this South Korean woman on the right in the left-side photo is? Well, in that photo she’s in her late 40s. A few weeks of using the Shake Weight or some other “get skinny easy” informercial product, she’s now the woman on the right.

Just kidding about the Shake Weight. Unfortunately, as nutritionists and your physical trainer will tell you, looking 20 to 30 years younger is really a matter of getting yourself to the gym five days a week and avoiding those Twinkies – which thankfully are only available on eBay for exorbitant prices since Hostess went out of business.

In reality, Jung Dae Yeonn is currently 46 years old, and allegedly achieved her stunning transformation through intense dieting and exercise. She’s now a minor celebrity in Korea and is making a lot of money endorsing beauty and fitness products.

Have a look at this gallery of Yeonn. You know, for inspiration.

▼ First another eye-popping comparison shot.


▼ That’s definitely not a Shake Weight.






We’re sensing a fitness-wear theme in most of these photos. Maybe that Asian guy we see on YouTube all the time was right about all that diet and exercise advice…

Source: Byoukan Sunday

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Origin: Korean woman looks 30 years younger than actual age, may have discovered Fountain of Youth
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Leggy teacher in China secretly snapped by her students, photos appear online



Teachers, beware. You might have thought your students were paying attention to their books and sums, but it turns out that they were busy snapping pics of your slender legs with their smart phones!

These pics of sexy teacher legs showed on on a Chinese internet message board lately, then on a Japanese site where netizens immediately began to fight over which was the sexiest. We can’t help agree that the teacher in question is a bit of a knock-out, but we’re sure there are going to be some stern conversations being had at school this week.

I’m sure many young men going through puberty have become enamoured with a young female member of staff before, but I’m not sure that many have had the gall to take such an extensive collection of photos…

▼This seems to be the only consensual photo…

▼Blurry, but you get the idea.


▼What a stack.teacher17

▼Keep the lesson short but sweet.

▼Stand up and point at a blackboard all day and you can have legs like this too.


▼Snatched between piles of books.


▼Top marks!teacher13

▼Chic minidress for maximum thigh gap display.


▼Bluestocking? Brown stocking.


▼Show me your homework!


▼Under desk glimpse.


▼Racy leopard print Mary Janes combined with a daring close up make this a winner.


▼”I’ll just climb on this chair and…”


▼A stolen moment checking texts.

▼How long was she standing here exactly?


▼Can of Coke and short skirt make learning more enjoyable?


▼Here she is again.

Honestly, we can’t say for certain that every one of these photos is the real deal, and some of them actually look a little staged, but if they are it’s worrying that these students could have managed to take so many undetected. We can only surmise that mobile phones in China don’t have the obligatory extra loud camera sound that plays whenever a photo is taken like they do in Japan…

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Origin: Leggy teacher in China secretly snapped by her students, photos appear online
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Teen powerlifter wows Japanese commenters with massive biceps and doll-like face



“You punch like a girl” was never a very good insult. Aside from being stupidly sexist, it ignores the fact that plenty of women are badasses who could take on nearly any opponent–male or female. And after you see this young woman’s physique, you’ll definitely start taking the phrase as a compliment!


Going by the name Julia Vins, the 17-year-old woman pictured above has been garnering quite a bit of attention online from the international body building community. The Russian body builder has posted numerous photos of herself on the European social networking site VK.com and has started to catch the notice of both Chinese and Japanese Internet users astounded by her incredible musculature and surprisingly doll-like face.

Here are some of the more impressive photos we found of the young Russian muscle-head.

▼ Arnold has some serious competition.


▼ Something, something “gun show.”


▼ Seriously, we need a She-Hulk movie, just so this woman can star in it!


▼ When your abs look like that, no one complains about selfies.


▼ Do you think her parents even pretend to tell her what to wear?


▼ Ho-hum, yet another boot to the head.


▼ 10 bucks says you don’t even notice the guy in the background.


▼ Did…did she just intimidate the sun into setting?


▼ Dudebros, you just got owned.


Japanese commenters were impressed with the Russian teen.

I wonder who’s stronger: her or Saori Yoshida [three-time Olympic gold-medalist Japanese woman wrestler].

It seems like someone this pretty will end up as a curling coach in her later years.

I want to be attacked by her!

She looks solid.

[The photo of her back with the sunset] kind of reminds me of Bruce Lee.

She’s a real Amazonian!

The Japanese version would be Rin Nakai.

In case you’ve never heard of the mixed martial arts fighter before, below is a picture of Rin Nakai. Before you even think about getting cheeky with her, it might be important to note that she’s won 14 of her 15 professional matches–and the odd one out was a draw!


Now, the question is, “Which of these girls would you most want to punch like??”

Sources: XinHua Net, 2channel
Image sources: XinHua Net, Girls with Muscles, Rin Nakai Blog

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Origin: Teen powerlifter wows Japanese commenters with massive biceps and doll-like face
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Drool-worthy: Beautiful bodybuilders of Korea strut their stuff at NABBA/WFF Korea 2013



Recently on stage at Korea at the 2013 NABBA/WFF Korea Championship… tanned, toned and oiled goddesses flowed across the stage, flexing their sinuous musculature to compete for the Bikini and Sports Model categories. One would be chosen as their queen, but who would it be?

These images combine superhuman abs and rockhard thighs with other areas of alluring softness. Like fine bronze sculptures, these women (and men!) have made their bodies their art.

Founded in 1950 in the UK, NABBA is the original National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association, who began the Mr Universe contest won four times by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now there are NABBA organizations in a number of other countries, including Korea.

The 2013 NABBA/WFF Korea Championship featured not only the quest for the biggest muscles, but also the smokin’ hot Bikini and Sports Model categories.

Bodybuilders train hard, eat vast amounts of protein, slather themselves in fake tan and many dehydrate before competitions to achieve that extra-cut look (which can also make them extra shaky when posing). Be that as it may, let these stunning results speak for themselves!

▼Ladies, care to scrub these washboard abs?

▼Even super-toned sports models tend to favor the Arm-Triangle of Insecurity when posing for photos…

▼Hard bodies, lace and short shorts were the winners on the day.

▼Classic muscle-man bicep pose.

▼Show us your definition of muscle.


▼Dude on the right may have seen a ghost. And how do any of these guys find pants that fit??


▼What a knockout. Putting the Model in Sports!


▼Bikini challengers front up


▼Pumping iron at the gym, it’s much more difficult to see your shapely back view.body12

▼Competition is fierce


▼Strong and sexy


▼Sculpted obliques





▼Bikini models tend to look softer and healthy, as opposed to a dramatic, sharply-defined ripped look.


▼Who will be the winner???


▼Here she is! The incredible Baek Minyoung (백민영) takes the Bikini crown.



▼Lovely and long-legged, she makes these socks look good.



▼The Chinese characters tattooed down her left side, 紛骨砕身, probably express her level of dedication—to work like a Trojan to achieve her goal!


▼A sporting chance?


These sizzling shots send me sprinting back to my local gym to jump on the Chest Press and Leg Adduction machines. Anyone else fancy a workout now?

Images via Kaola

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Origin: Drool-worthy: Beautiful bodybuilders of Korea strut their stuff at NABBA/WFF Korea 2013
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Local Fukuoka idol already breaking big across Japanese internet


This morning Japanese websites all over lit up with pictures of Fukuoka-based idol Kanna Hashimoto. After images including the one above broke on message boards, idol fans across the nation tipped Hashimoto as their choice for the next superstar calling her “seriously, an angel” and admitting “I hate idols, but she’s cute…”

Hashimoto performs with the multi-girl idol group Rev. from DVL out of the Hakata region of Fukuoka. Now I’m just going to let your mind wrestle with what that name means until the end of the article.

As this following video shows, even as a part of this regional group Hashimoto positively shined, being the only member who doesn’t require a microphone to perform.

Once the above photo and these following images were released, netizens scrambled to learn more about the performer. Many commented that it’s no surprise she should come out of Fukuoka, a prefecture notorious for producing cute girls prompting the creation of its very own “Cute Ward.”

During the internet excavation a video surfacing in which Kanna Hashimoto recommended the surprisingly darkly themed novel The Incite Mill by Honobu Yonezawa, which tells the story of a group of people competing for a dream job by trying to murder each other in a futuristic dungeon.

Although this makes her much cooler in my eyes, some idol fans weren’t overly thrilled with her looks in this particular video. Some felt she was still cute but not at the same angelic level as the above pictures. She’s still only 14 though, and has a lot of growing up to do, so let’s not be too hard on the kid! In fact here she was enjoying some Pokémon toys from HottoMotto only a few years ago.

Most netizens remain firm in Kanna Hashimoto’s potential to reach for the stars in the idol circuit saying she’s “AKB48 caliber.” Others go as far as saying she’s even beyond being a mere idol and should break out on her own into stardom.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for this young lady, but already she’s gotten the country’s attention so it’s looking pretty bright. And judging by this last picture we’ll leave you with, she’s looking forward to it with all the determination of a third-world despot looking to crush their rebel foes once and for all!

Source: Active Hakata, Rokkaku Talent News, Naver Matome, Itai News (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – BeatriceRatio, SHOSEN CHANNEL, mfluder1111

**In case you’re still wondering: The name Rev. from DVL has two parts. “Rev.” is both an abbreviation for “revolution” and a homophone for rêve, french for “dream” and accredited to the country of Haiti for some reason. “DVL” is an acronym for Dance Vocal Lesson, the Hakata studio that they come out of.**

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Origin: Local Fukuoka idol already breaking big across Japanese internet
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China’s “Program Goddess” shatters image of IT professionals


PB 1

So let’s imagine you had horrible parents. They never told you to eat your vegetables or wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, and you grew up without being warned about judging people based solely on their appearance.

One day you’re walking along the beach, winded from your lack of nutrients and itchy because of your filthy hands, when you come across the woman pictured above. What do you think she does for a living? She’s got a model-quality beauty, the lithe build of a yoga instructor, and the easy grace of a singer/songwriter. It’s got to be one of those three, right?

Don’t let the lack of a neckbeard fool you. Jin Ying Gang, the woman you see here, puts food on the table working as a programmer in China.

The photogenic Jin Ying Gang has been gaining fans through her appearances in the online photo collection Sekai de Yuiitsu no Kimi (There’s Only One of You in the World). In contrast to the painted and digitally altered beauties of more lascivious websites dedicated to attractive women, Sekai de Yuitsu no Kimi celebrates a more natural look, with its subjects appearing in little to no makeup. This, we can get behind.

pretty 1

Her specialty is software development, and she also handles maintenance responsibilities. Of course, she doesn’t quite gel with most people’s visual perception of people who spend their working hours manipulating lines of code.

▼ Literally the first image Google gives when searching for “programmer”

PB 21

Jin Ying Gang’s easy-on-the-eyes appearance has earned her the nickname Program Goddess among her loyal devotees.

PB 4

PB 2

While Jin Ying Gang’s photos show her in a variety of locations, some fans still aren’t quite satisfied with the selection.

Dude, why no shots of her programming?

Come on, give us some pics of her coding!

True. We want proof that she’s a programmer and this isn’t some horrible trickery designed to lure nerds into a trap!

▼ No, no! Coding, not combing!

PB 7

▼ Maybe she’s thinking about code.

PB 15

The lack of visual confirmation of her in the workplace also led one commentator to question her credentials.

I don’t recognize anyone as a programmer unless they’re working in C++.

▼ We don’t recognize anyone as cute unless they look good with bunny ears.

PB 19

A few others also think the idea of a good-looking girl who’s into computers is too good to be true.

I can tell by looking at her. She’s selfish.

▼ What did we just say about judging people by their appearance? And go wash your hands!

PB 10

PB 13

We also came across this grumble:

A lot of girls who are into science are strange.

▼ Yes, strangely photogenic.

PB 8

PB 18

Still, Jin Ying Gang’s supporters outnumber her detractors, with some men taking inspiration from her professed profession as they wax poetic.

She’s so beautiful, for a moment I thought she was a line of really well-written code.

PB 6

PB 20

And finally, there’s the man who expressed his feelings in the most fundamental way he knew how.


We’d like print the scandalous translation of his binary love letter, but sorry, this is a family site.

▼ Even Jin Ying Gang is startled by the boldness of his declaration.

PB 12

Source: Kopipe Sokuhou
Top image: Kopipe Sokuhou
Insert images: Kopipe Sokuhou, Creattica

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Origin: China’s “Program Goddess” shatters image of IT professionals
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Beautiful soldier sisters take to the stage to sing for their country



Every year on Chinese New Year, CCTV broadcasts its New Year’s Gala, a singing contest often called the Spring Festival Gala. This year four beautiful women appeared on the show, and you’ll probably be surprised to find out their day job – they’re all in the army. There’s just something about military girls that draws Netizens like moths to a flame, and sure enough they got social media buzzing.

The lovely ladies who performed on stage at this year’s Gala are in fact female soldiers who belong to the Guangzhou army. Of course this is real life, not a magical girl anime, so these sexy peep-hole cheongsams aren’t their usual look – you’re more likely to find them in military uniforms. Yang Qian, Yang Ting, Yang Miao, and Yang Man are often called the ‘Four Sisters’, but another surprise is that while they all coincidentally share both a surname and striking good looks, they are not actually blood-related.

However, while they are real military members, they won’t be doing battle on the front lines. The girls belong to a division of the army known as the ‘art corps’, whose members are made up of singers and performers, and whose job is to keep up morale among the troops. They’ve all studied performing arts since they were around five or six years old and officially enlisted in 2008, and now take to the stage around 150 times a year at various troop garrisons.

Peng Liyuan, the wife of current Chinese president Xi Jinping, is perhaps the most famous alumni of the art corps. She enlisted at 18, and boosted soldiers’ spirits with her stunning voice on the front lines of the Sino-Vietnamese border conflicts during the 1980s. She also rose to national fame after appearing on the very same Spring Festival Gala back in 1982, so you might want to keep an eye out for these singing sisters in the future.

As always happens with pretty girls from unlikely professions, they’ve received a lot of attention, and not all of it positive. Of course there were the expected responses of:

They’re really beautiful. The soldiers must be happy to see them.

I want to be a soldier too!

On the other hand, some people have been questioning the role of the art corps, and wondering if it’s really such a happy-clappy group as it portrays itself to be.

Isn’t an ‘arts soldier’ just like a geisha?

The system of having art corps is a problem. I feel sorry for the female soldiers.

Of course this is the Internet, where everyone’s a critic, so for now just enjoy the eye candy below.







Source: Aol News
Images: Sina Photos

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Origin: Beautiful soldier sisters take to the stage to sing for their country
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We’ve got anime swimsuit girls–all 85 of them! Which one gets your vote?



This summer, Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online invites you to vote for the No. 1 beautiful girl game app character in a swimsuit!

There are 85 entries in all, from a total of 35 games and 22 companies. We’ve got beach cuties, busty babes, and goddess types, all waiting for your viewing pleasure. Even if you don’t have a thing for anime-style girls, you can at least admire the gorgeous artwork! Which character do you think looks the cutest in a swimsuit?

2014’s ultimate swimsuit contest is currently underway from August 7 until August 31, with one vote per person per day. Unfortunately, the general election is limited to current residents of Japan only. But even if you can’t cast a vote, you can still have fun determining your top pick!

Each of the 35 games represented in the contest has submitted between one to three entries of beautiful swimsuit girls. The makers of each game also provide potential voters with some general comments and promises of in-game voter incentives if their girls do well in the final ranking, such as bonus items or special events.

The overall winner will be announced in early September, with three preliminary results announcements on August 14, 21, and 28.

For the folks who do live in Japan and are eligible to participate, here’s the direct link to the voting process, where you’ll be prompted to select your favorite girl and answer a few simple questions about your choice. Be sure to read up on the girls and in-game incentives first (Japanese only, sorry)!

OK, enough of this chit-chat. On to the girls!

Note: All efforts were made to render the game titles and character names in their official English versions. When English names were unavailable, they were left in romanized Japanese as rendered by the writer.

The games are presented based on their Japanese titles in the traditional Japanese syllabary order: a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke ko, and so on.

(C) TAITO CORP. 2011,2014

【No.01】Hitomi Andō (安藤瞳)


【No.02】Minori Kajiura (梶浦みのり)


【No.03】Kokoro Sakuragi (櫻木こころ)


Ensemble Girls!/Happy Elements
(C) Happy Elements K.K. All Rights Reserved.

【No.04】Hiyono Sasame (笹芽ひよの)


【No.05】Ushio Mizushima (水嶌うしお)


【No.06】Natsumi Minami (三波なつみ)


Ange Vierge~Dai-ni Fūki Iin Girls Battle~/Sega Networks
(C) SEGA (C) SEGA Networks (C) Ange Project

【No.07】Āshia (アーシア)


【No.08】Chihiro (千尋)


【No.09】Yūfiria (ユーフィリア)


Uchi no Hime-sama ga Ichiban Kawaii/CyberAgent
(C) CyberAgent Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.10】Tanuko (たぬこ)


【No.11】Temisu (テミス)


【No.12】Rūmi (ルーミィ)


Kaijin Rumble~Seifuku Shinseiki~/GAMEVIL JAPAN
(C) PlayEarth Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

【No.13】Tamayo (タマヨ)


Pirates of Fantasia/D2C
(C) D2C Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.14】Vasco da Gama-chan (ヴァスコ・ダ・ガマちゃん)


【No.15】Jill Furea (ジル・フレア)


【No.16】Lionel (ライオネル)


Girls x Magic/Bank of Innovation
(C) Bank of Innovation Inc.

【No.17】Eri Shiina (椎名瑛里)


【No.18】Tsukasa Nitō (仁藤司)


【No.19】Yuna Nonomiya (野々宮優菜)


Girl Friend BETA/CyberAgent
(C) CyberAgent Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.20】Chloe Rumēru (クロエ・ルメール)


【No.21】Kokomi Shiina (椎名心実)


【No.22】Fumio Murakami (村上文緒)


Furyō Michi~Gang Road~/Applibot
(C) Applibot Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.23】Sena Taiyō (太陽瀬奈)


【No.24】Rebecca Myers (レベッカマイヤーズ)


【No.25】Aya Yamada (山田文)


Kindan Shōkan! Summon Master/bushiroad, Interactive Brains
(C) bushiroad. All Rights Reserved. (C) Interactive Brains Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

【No.26】Erisu (エリス)


【No.27】Sakuya (サクヤ)


【No.28】Sharu (シャル)


Kritika~Kontan no Makuage~/GAMEVIL JAPAN
(C) 2014 allm. All Rights Reserved. Published by GAMEVIL Inc.

【No.29】Valkyrie (ワルキューレ)


Saikyō Gakuen Knuckle Bout/CYBIRD
(C) CYBIRD Co., Ltd.

【No.30】Manami Ebihara (海老原愛海)


【No.31】Naomi Oliveira (オリベイラ・尚美)


【No.32】Koyume (小夢 [こゆめ])


Joker~Gang Road~/Applibot
(C) Applibot Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.33】 Ren Kurusu (来栖蓮)


【No.34】Yui Satō (紗東ゆい)


【No.35】Chachamaru Yodogawa (淀川茶々丸)


Shiron no Secret Garden/GAMEVIL JAPAN
(C) GAMEVIL Inc. & Redpig Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.36】Shiron (シロン)


Shin Sengoku BUSTER/KLab
(C) KLab Games

【No.37】Okuni (阿国)


【No.38】Princess Senko Date (伊達千子姫)


【No.39】Matsu Maeda (前田まつ)


Splash Girls!/Gamania Digital Entertainment
(C) 2014 Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

【No.40】Hinata Chigusa (千草ひなた)


【No.41】Tsubasa Hinamori (雛森つばさ)


Seishun-hime SCHOOL PRINCESS/gumi
(C) 2014 gumi Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.42】Nana Okano (岡野奈々)


【No.43】Kaede Shiroishi (白石楓)


【No.44】Mari Mizuno (水野麻里)


Seisen! Excalibur/Bank of Innovation
(C) Bank of Innovation, Inc.

【No.45】Summer Iris (サマー・アイリス)


【No.46】Summer Amaterasu (サマー・アマテラス)


【No.47】Summer Shatieru (サマー・シャティエル)


Sen-hime Imperial from Eiyū Sen-hime/Aiming
(C) TENCO All Rights Reserved. (C) Aiming Inc. All Rights Reserved.

【No.48】Āsā (アーサー)


【No.49】Tīchi (ティーチ)


【No.50】Himiko (ヒミコ)


Sengoku Bushō-hime-MURAMASA-/SiliconStudio
(C) SiliconStudio Corp. All Rights Reserved.

【No.51】Ittōsai Itō (伊東一刀斎)


【No.52】Hanzō Hattori (服部半蔵)


【No.53】Minokichi (みの吉)


Senjō no Valkyria DUEL/SEGA NHN PlayArt
(C) SEGA. Published by NHN PlayArt Corporation.

【No.54】Imca (イムカ)


【No.55】Aliasse (エイリアス)


【No.56】Riela (リエラ)


 Wedding on the Battlefield/D2C
(C) D2C Inc.

【No.57】 Kristina (クリスティナ)


Daisenryaku WEB/NHN PlayArt
(C) NHN PlayArt Corp. (C) SystemSoft Alpha Corporation.

【No.58】Emilia (エミリア)


【No.59】Yuki (ユキ)


【No.60】Remin (レミン)


Celestial Craft Fleet/KLAB
(C) KLab Games

【No.61】Shīshe (シーシェ)


Tokyo 7th Sisters/Donuts
(C) Donuts Co., Ltd.

【No.62】Rena Araki (荒木レナ)


【No.63】Kyōko Uebasu Uesugi (上杉・ウエバス・キョーコ)


【No.64】Hime Nonohara (野ノ原ヒメ)


Dragon Tactics/enish
(C) enish Inc.

【No.65】Vivian Lady (ヴィヴィアン・レディ)


【No.66】Kyaraban Koron (キャラバン・コロン)


Dragon Poker/Asobism
(C) 2013 Asobism Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

【No.67】Cat Sìth (ケットシー)


【No.68】Nana Koakuma [older sister] (小悪魔ナナ [姉])


【No.69】Mermaid (マーメイド)


Dragon League A & Dragon League X/Asobism
(C) 2013 Asobism Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

【No.70】Undine (ウンディーネ)


【No.71】Mermaid Princess Ūna (人魚姫ウーナ)


【No.72】Bunny Girl (バニーガール)


Himekishi to Saigo no Hyaku-ryū Sensō/KAYAC
(C) KAYAC Inc.

【No.73】Circe (キルケー)


【No.74】Damocles (ダモクレス)


【No.75】Lucifer (ルシファー)


Fantasista Doll Girls Royale/Drecom
(C) Drecom (C) 2013 Fantasista Doll Project/FD Seisaku Iinkai

【No.76】Ukiwa (うきわ)


【No.77】Katia (カティア)


【No.78】Yugake (ゆがけ)


Fishing Superstars Shin Tsuri Nisshi/GAMEVIL JAPAN
(C) 2013 GAMEVIL Inc.

【No.79】Kate (ケイト)


[Bunnage RPG] Kaburin!/KLab
(C) KLab Games. All Rights Reserved.

【No.80】Kaede (かえで)


Meteor School Girl/GREE, Super Appli
(C) GREE Inc./Super Appli Inc. 2014

【No.81】Tsugumi Ichijō (一条つぐみ)


【No.82】Mana Futatsuki (双月マナ)


【No.83】Tōka Yūki (結城冬花)


Mojitte! Hani Kami-sama!/Gamania Digital Entertainment
(C) 2014 Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

【No.84】Gurabiahaniwa (グラビアはにわ)


Ryōran Sangoku Engi/D2C
(C) D2C Inc.

【No.85】Aoi (蒼 [あおい])


Source/images: Dengeki Online

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Origin: We’ve got anime swimsuit girls–all 85 of them! Which one gets your vote?
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Live your billionaire dreams with a shampoo from a team of beautiful models at this Tokyo event


SG 2

Imagine for a moment that you’re a man with unlimited wealth, who no longer has to do anything for himself. Your financial planner manages your investments, freeing you from having to do any sort of day-to-day work. Likewise, your personal assistant handles all of your shopping and household maintenance needs.

But being filthy rich is no excuse for being filthy dirty. Of course, given your economic status, personal grooming seems just a little below the tasks you should be required to perform, doesn’t it? The only sensible thing to do is to employ a team of beautiful models expressly for the purpose of giving you a shampoo while they whisper suggestive nothings into your ear.

Okay, daydream’s over. Time to go back to reality…or is it? If you’re in Tokyo this weekend, and feeling like your scalp could use a good scrub from some scantily clad women, there’s an event where you can live out that exact fantasy.

Up until now, we’d always thought of bath product company Bathclin as having an image as squeaky clean as their products purport to leave your skin. After all, here’s what their main website looks like.

SG 10

Bathclin is reaching out to male customers by embracing its sensual side, though, with the launch of its new scalp care shampoo Gnocchi. We’ve got no idea why the company chose the name of an Italian dumpling for its new product line, except that maybe someone in the marketing department decided that “Take Care of Your Hair and You’ll Get to See More Cleavage Shampoo” was a little too on the nose.

SG 1

But while such a name might have been deemed too explicit, the organizers of the Gnocchi Heartbeat Scalp Care Salon event don’t have such strong reservations. Bathclin has rigged up a trailer with a hair-washing station, and has been driving it around Japan offering shampoos to guys with an interest in proper hygiene and/or exposed female flesh.

SG 3

SG 4

Being the reserved, chaste guys that we were, we were too shy to get a shampoo ourselves, but we did stop by to watch the show as one less self-conscious gent stopped by to be serviced. After he sat down in the chair and leaned back, the Gnocchi Girls started working over his locks and scalp.

SG 5

What he hadn’t expected, though, was for one of them to bend down and start whispering into his ear. “Does that feel good?” she asked, following up with, “Kanjiru?”

Literally, kanjiru means “feel,” and you could take the Gnocchi Girl’s second question as an abbreviated way of asking, “Do you feel the shampoo working?” On the other hand, kanjiru has a more mature meaning, and you could just as easily translate her question as, “Do you feel turned on?”

▼ We’ll just leave this picture here as you mull over which interpretation is more appropriate in this instance.

SG 7

SG 6

SG 8

After they blew the man’s hair dry, he walked out with an extremely satisfied look on his face, though we’re not sure if it was thanks to the cleansing power of the shampoo or the charms of the shampooers. If you’re curious to judge for yourself, the Gnocchi Heartbeat Scalp Salon is pulling into Tokyo this weekend for the final stop of its titillating tour. From noon to 7 p.m. on October 4 and 5, the mobile shampoo station will be parked in front of the Parco department store in Shibuya. We’ve included the map below, but if you get lost, just follow the line of excited-looking guys.

SG 9

Event information
Gnocchi Heartbeat Scalp Salon / Gnocchiハートビートスカルプケアサロン
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho, 15-1, Shibuya Parco Kouen-dori Hiroba
東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷パルコ 公園通り広場

Related: Gnocchi, Shibuya Parco
Top image: RocketNews24
Insert images: Bathclin, RocketNews24
[ Read in Japanese ]

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Origin: Live your billionaire dreams with a shampoo from a team of beautiful models at this Tokyo event
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Election time or erection time? Taiwanese political ad features sexy bicyclist, and that’s about it


TE 11

Local elections are coming up soon in Taiwan, and one of the positions being contested is Magistrate of Hsinchu County. With more than 500,000 constituents, the title comes with a pretty hefty amount of clout, and challenger Cheng Yung-chin, who occupied the office during the early 2000s, is hoping to reclaim the seat.

So to help boost his campaign, the politician has released a video to show voters the kinds of things he values: tranquility, nature, and shapely, bouncing breasts.

I’m not going to criticize the video for not really saying much. After all, political ads are usually more about eliciting an emotional response than genuinely engaging voters on an intellectual level. As a result, no points are being taken off for the context-free scenes of the natural scenery and cityscapes of Hsinchu County. The swelling music, which seems to subtly imply “Only Cheng Yung-chin is up to the task of preserving all this!” also gets a pass, because it’s a trick every politician uses.

What most would-be government leaders don’t do, though, is make the focal point of their ads a young woman in a low-cut tank top and short shorts.

TE 1

The dialogue-free video follows 23-year-old model Gao Jia Lu, also known as “Shir,” on her solo bike tour of Hsinchu County, with occasional pauses to emotionally gaze at her surroundings, or to write something down in her traveler’s journal.

TE 2

TE 7

Along the way, the names of the locales she passes through briefly flash onscreen. We’re not sure any male viewers are going to bother to read them, though, since that would mean taking their gaze off of Miss Lu’s beckoning bosoms and body line.

TE 3

TE 9

As a red-blooded man, my knee-jerk reaction is to accept a woman showing off plenty of exposed skin as natural and justified. Even the model herself says that during filming none of the locals made a fuss over her skimpy attire. It’s almost enough to make you start believing she simply chose an outfit that was light, breathes well, and gives plenty of mobility for a full day of bike riding.

That becomes a little harder to swallow, though, once you hit the video’s 1:39 mark, where she makes a point of riding over a cobblestone street with the expected bouncy result.

TE 5

The video pulls the same trick not 20 seconds later, when Shir hits a patch of particularly uneven asphalt.

▼ Isn’t proper road maintenance part of the County Magistrate’s job?

TE 6

Add in a shot of the rider stroking a shaft as her crotch mugs for the camera…

TE 8

…and that’s a wrap!

Cheng Yung-chin’s video has been garnering a lot of attention, and also a dose of criticism from those who don’t agree with its lowest-common-denominator tactics for currying votes. But hey, you know what they say about politics. It’s a dirty business.

And in Taiwan, at least sometimes, it’s a dirty, sexy business.

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube

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Origin: Election time or erection time? Taiwanese political ad features sexy bicyclist, and that’s about it
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Yes, of course Japanese Twitter has a “Thighs You’ll Want to Caress” hashtag


TC 1

Back in May, as most of Japan was enjoying the Golden Week vacation period, Twitter users took it upon themselves to throw a bone to those diligent employees stuck in the office by tweeting photos of shapely legs with the hashtag #ShowLegToShowSupportForSalarymen. Judging by the enthusiastic reaction, the grassroots movement did plenty to bolster the spirits of men everywhere, but what if you’ve got even more specific tastes than the ordinary leg man? What if, for instance, you’re of the mind that the prime real estate is found above the knee?

Then you’ll be happy to know Japanese Twitter users have already done much of the work of sorting and removing those unappealing shin-centric photos for you, thanks to the trending hashtag #GrandPrixofThighsYou’llWanttoCaress.

It’s unclear who was the first person to tweet a photo of thighs along with the hashtag, which in Japanese is nademawashitaku naru futomomo guran puri (#撫で回したくなるふとももグランプリ). What is clear, though, is that left thigh plus right thigh is a simple but effective recipe for online attention.

While early examples were primarily of swimsuit models and other glamorous celebrities, the hashtag has since expanded to include anyone who has upper legs the tweet’s sender thinks would be pleasurable to pat, stroke, or squeeze.

▼ Sometimes the owner of the thighs can even be seen providing a demonstration.

Although it’s not an iron-clad rule, in order to give maximum exposure to the legs, most photos seem to forgo showing the face.

▼ Knee-high socks, stockings, and garters, however, seem to be warmly welcomed in-frame.

▼ As are short hemlines, naturally.

Of course, when Internet culture and appreciation of the female form cross over, you can expect to find a few cosplayers in the mix, some of whom have uploaded pictures of themselves.

▼ “Okay, I’ve got confidence in my thighs, so I’m getting in on this!”

▼ “I’m in!”

And the corollary is that when you get enough cosplayers dressed up as female characters together, at least one of the models is actually a guy.

Then there’s this dude, whose doesn’t need a costume since he’s got some seriously ripped quads to show off instead.

As a matter of fact, there’s not even a requirement that the thighs you’re daydreaming of have to be human.

▼ Well, Plush Toy Baymax’s legs do look soothingly soft.

▼ Even veteran anime director Masami Obari made a contribution.

We’re not sure this one qualifies for the #GrandPrixofThighsYou’llWanttoCaress hashtag, though.

Remember, even if you’ve got Momo-brand wheels on your car, this is supposed to be about futomomo, or thighs, which look like this.

And should you need a reminder, just search Twitter for the hashtag, and you’ll find plenty of other examples.

Source: Kai-You
Top image: Twitter/ Y_suzushirO, Twitter/futobot (edited by RocketNews24)

Origin: Yes, of course Japanese Twitter has a “Thighs You’ll Want to Caress” hashtag
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Cyber Japan releases new range of light-up costumes perfect for Halloween【Video】



With a dozen cute designs to choose from, the Cyber Japan Collection looks set to be one of the most popular choices for Halloween this year!

With Halloween in Japan getting bigger year after year, a stroll around any major city on the last night of October will have you running into any number of costumed characters, and if you’re extra lucky, you might be able to catch sight of one of these new outfits from Cyber Japan.


The popular dance troupe teamed up with costume maker Clear Stone for this special Cyber Japan Premium Costume range, which features LED details that light up in the dark. To see the outfits being modelled by girls from the dance group, check out the short clip below!

The 12-piece collection includes popular costume choices like maids, flight attendants, police officers, and even Alice from Alice in Wonderland.



▼ The built-in LED details are located on different parts of the body, according to the costume.


Surprisingly, the electric costumes are reasonably priced, with the more basic varieties retailing for 7,990 yen (US$78.29) while the more detailed items in the range are priced at 8,990 yen.


On sale at variety shops, cosplay costume stores and apparel retailers online, these outfits are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Source: @Press
Top Image: YouTube/PR Clearstone
Insert Images: @Press

Beautiful Thai nurse is making men everywhere want to go to hospital【Photos】


The young woman is being called a “beautiful angel” by her adoring fans.

Over the years, beautiful women doing things have found themselves thrust into the media spotlight after they were discovered teaching, playing shogi, competing in volleyball games, and even just holding stuff.

Now another attractive young woman is making news, with Chinese media reporting on a beauty so stunning that men wouldn’t mind breaking a leg and going to hospital for her. A hospital in Thailand, that is, because that’s where this young woman works as a nurse.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

The 24-year-old, who hails from the capital district of Mueang Nan in Nan Province, northern Thailand, graduated from nursing at the Christian University of Thailand last year.

Instagram Photo

The young graduate, who goes by the name maypimm on Instagram, has caught the attention of a number of admirers online, who love seeing her both in her nurse’s uniform and out of it, in her regular everyday wear.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

While she first became popular with adoring fans in her homeland, as well as further abroad in China, her popularity continues to grow, with the young nurse now receiving comments from people all around the world on her social media accounts.

Instagram Photo

Whether she’s at work or play, maypimm knows how to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

To see more of the young nurse’s popular photos, be sure to check out her Instagram account or Facebook page. While she might be making news online for her good looks, maypimm is more than just a pretty face; she’s a young girl working to achieve her dreams in a respected profession, and for that we applaud her and all the nurses around the world, regardless of their looks or location!

Featured image: Instagram/maypimm

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